Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Mounira Al Solh, "As IF I Don't Fit There", 2006, Video Still Curated by Saleh Barakat and Sandra Dagher

The exhibition "Foreword" gathers five artists, whose work covers a number of artistic practices: personal narratives, acts of bearing witness, collecting testimonies, and cutting through the skin of political turmoil and historical events to hit the bone of intimate expression. The artists commissioned are all, each in their own fashion, questioning the formation and experience of self, individualism, and citizenship in ways that are illuminating well beyond Lebanon’s borders.

Participating artists:

Fouad Elkoury, "On War and Love", Photography, 2006 Lamia Joreige, "Je d'Histoires", Interactive Video Installation, 2006 Walid Sadek, "Mourning in the Presence of the Corpse", Installation, 2007 Mounira Al Solh, "As If I Don't Fit There", Video Installation, 2005 Akram Zaatari, "Video in Five Movements", Video, 2006

Dates: June 8 - September 30, 2007 Location: Former Birreria Deher, Giudecca Island, Venice For more information: